Unforgettable Birth Experience: Woman’s Struggle with a 4.5kg Baby

A mother has amazed people by sharing her incredible birthing story, where she burst every blood vessel in her face during the delivery. Maira welcomed her son into the world earlier this month, as reported by The Sun.

However, a video on her TikTok page revealed that her labor was far from an easy experience. Maira had to push so hard that she not only burst blood vessels but also had blood coming out of her eyes. Nevertheless, the end result made it all worthwhile, as she gave birth to a healthy 4.5kg baby boy.

Maira’s video began with her husband straightening her hair before contractions started. As the pain set in, she could be seen grimacing during a contraction. Over the footage, she wrote, “I gave birth to the biggest baby that day – exploding every blood vessel in my face.”

Maira displayed her complexion, which clearly showed the burst blood vessels. However, it was her eyes that shocked viewers the most, as the whites of her eyes were entirely red. One person commented on the video, “Girllllll, why does this happen? Did you hold your breath … like I am curious!! And me just over 6 months preggo, lol!” Maira replied, “Yes, I held my breath and pushed hard not caring about anything. I just wanted him out because it was hurting me so much. I had blood coming out of my eyes.”

During labor, the strain and pushing can elevate blood pressure, potentially causing small blood vessels (capillaries) in the eyes to rupture, resulting in bleeding. Bloodshot eyes like Maira’s are typically harmless and resolve within two weeks of childbirth.

Despite this, Maira received numerous shocked responses. One person added, “JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I COULDN’T BE MORE HORRIFIED.” Another commented, “The GASP I let out when you showed your eyes.” To this, Maira responded, “Yeah, I did the same when I saw myself!”

Many others shared their “big baby” stories. One person wrote, “I delivered my daughter at 38 weeks … 11lbs 10oz (4.84kg), the NICU said ‘your toddler is over there’.” Another humorously shared, “Mine was 10.5lbs (4.67kg), and the doc asked if I had a backpack because he’s ready for school … lol.”

Maira concluded her video by showing her baby boy, who was looking around the room with his mom supporting his head. The newborn even had socks on his hands instead of scratch mitts, prompting Maira to laugh and say, “His hands were too big for the mittens.”

This unique birthing story left an indelible impression on viewers and showcased the strength and resilience of mothers during childbirth.

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